Interview with the Owner

What was your favourite room and why?

The living area opens to an enormous sun-drenched balcony, with a built in BBQ. The balcony allows for a 10 seater outdoor dining table and there is additional built-in seating. This allows for wonderful entertaining for small or large gatherings.

What features about the house did you particularly like?

Definitely the North east facing and the plethora of natural light. It's the best house in Sydney to see the boats go by on Boxing day.

How were you best able to relax in the house?

The cul-de-sac enables you to sit on the balcony and hear only the waves... no cars, no people... just peace. It is like being on holidays. Even stormy weather provides a spectacular setting.

Was there something which was particularly practical about the house?

Plenty of storage areas and a 4 car garage, makes the house easy to keep tidy.

Can you tell us about the neighbourhood?

It has 4 wonderful neighbours in this section of Marine Parade. The cul-de-sac means that it is very personal and private. When you are away, your house is always being watched by people who care.

Was there something about the environment which you particularly liked?

Yes, God is not making anymore waterfront properties :-) With only 200 waterfront properties in Sydney, you are purchasing something very special.

Why are you leaving?

We are hoping to use the funds to expand our software business.